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Vitro v Vivo

Non-pathogenic Pathogenic
Quick and Simple Laborious and Time Consuming
Good Control Poor Control
Circular and Linear DNA Circular DNA Only
Minimal Protein Degradation Endogenous Proteases
Can synthesise toxic proteins Toxic proteins kill the cells
Short lifespan Long lifespan
Expensive Cheap
Less characterized, not so popular Well characterized, popular

Yeah, but In Vitro has its own problems.

Less characterized, not so popular Well, that's what we are trying to change.
Expensive Can't do much about this...
Short lifespan Golly gee, what can we do about that?

The New Chassis: In Veso Gene Expression

IC07 image161c.jpg

Vesicles can be made to last for days, weeks, months...

But how is this Synthetic Biology?

    True Biological Engineering
    Built from the Bottom Up
    Minimal, Elegant
    Applications, Applications
    Drug delivery
    Artificial Cells
    Tissue Engineering
    Biofilm detection...
    Vesicles can make Synthetic Biology more useful in the Real WorldTM

Right then, tell me about them vesicles.

As we saw last week, we can make vesicles.

    This week's news is that we have made vesicles with GENE EXPRESSION.
    IC07 image182c.jpg IC07 image181c.jpg

But what about Characterisation?

The process is not well characterised.
There is no modelling.
There is no data.

    Characterisation takes a long time.
    IC07 christmas snoopy.jpg Dear Santa, this year I would like five crates of elbow grease... IC07 christmas charlie.jpg

...and what about the applications?

Vesicles aren't necessary for Infector Detector.
Cell By Date needs a long life span, not served by In Vitro systems.

    Time, once again...
    The application experiments in-veso are out of reach.

So how do we present at the Jamboree?

IC07 bestcards.png

We play only our best cards...

End presentation