IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Projects/Hrp System/Testing/Proposed Schedule

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This is an estimation that each fluorescence experiment will have to be prepared one night before and will take approximatly 1 day to run an experiment. Each experiment should be repeated ~4 times, however, this can be run on the same plate. In addition, there is space on the plate for 2 experiments to be run parrell, so for example, we could test two strains together.

Week 6

Making Constructs

Week 7

Day 1

  • Prepare cultures and grow over night

Day 2

  • Characterisation of promoters. There needs to be three promoters tested. We may consider using the BBa_F2620 which has already been characterised.
  • Standard protocols and calibration curves required for each of the promoters.

Day 3

  • Repeats.
  • Prepare cultures for device 1.

Day 4

  • Device 1 -Calibration curves.

Day 5

  • Device 1 -Standard protocol, can run two experiments at once, so opportunity to run two strains parrell.
  • Prepare the Device 2

Week 8

Day 1

  • Device 2 -Calibration Curves

Day 2

  • Device 2 -Standard protocol, however, there are two inputs and so the complexity of the testing is increased. Can only run one experiment at a time.

Day 3

  • Device 2 -Test device in different chassies.