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This page acts as a draft for the aims and projected achievements of the web lab... equipment requests and other information might also be present on the page.


Week 6:

  • Clone remaining bricks in XL1-Blue
    • BBa_E0240 [GFP]
    • BBa_I13507 [RFP]
    • BBa_T9002 [ptet-luxR-pLux-GFP]
    • BBa_B0034 [RBS]
  • Clone test contructs into BL21(DE3)
    • BBa_I13522 [ptet-GFP]
    • BBa_E7104 [T7-GFP]
  • Midiprep bricks required for ligation
    • BBa_I13522 [ptet-GFP]
    • BBa_R0040 [ptet]
    • BBa_I0500 [pBad]
    • BBa_F2620 [ptet-luxR-plux]
    • BBa_F1610 [luxI]
    • BBa_E7104 [T7-GFP]
    • BBa_S03550 [RBS-araC]
    • BBa_B0015 [Stop]
    • BBa_R0051 [pcI]
    • BBa_E0240 [GFP]
    • BBa_I13507 [RFP]
    • BBa_T9002 [plux-GFP]
  • Ligate constructs
    • Being planned
  • Make cell extracts

Week 7:

  • Clone bricks in XL1-Blue
    • BBa_J23039 [ptet-luxI]
    • BBa_I13504 [GFP]
  • Clone test contructs into BL21(DE3)
    • BBa_B0015 [stop] (as a blank plasmid)
    • BBa_T9002 [plux-GFP]
  • Ligate constructs
    • BBa_R0051 + BBa_I13504 = BBa_I719022 [pcI + GFP]

Outline of week:

  • Monday: Preparation of pre-incubation solution and YT media
  • Tuesday: Growing of BL21(DE3) in YT media
  • Wednesday: Harvesting of BL21(DE3)
  • Thursday: Preparation of cell extracts
  • Friday: Preparation of cell extracts

Cloning-ligation cycle:

  • Monday: Cloning of plasmids, plating
  • Tuesday: Growing up of colonies for mini/midiprep
  • Wednesday: Mini/midiprep
  • Thursday: (Cloning, plating)
  • Friday: Plasmid testing, (Ligation)

[Note: With an optimistic view, on cloning-ligation cycle takes 3 days.]

Eqiupment Waiting List

A list of media to be ordered and equipment to be autoclaved


All media has been collected

Autoclave Equipment

  • 10x 250 ml conical flasks
  • 10x 50 ml centrifuge tubes