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iGEM projects 2007


  • Producing biofuels, in particular butenal.
    • Propose to produce and optmise a bacterium for production of butenal i.e. increase the yield of production, decrease culture requirements and minimise other costs of final set up.
    • choosing to use Chlorobium tepidium as host organism to system.


  • Producing a genetic schmitt trigger and possibly apply this to produce a biological oscillator.


  • Engineer the behviour of a fruit fly by remote activation of neurons involved in reward and punishment.
    • Known: Fruit fly capable of learning through reinforcement
    • Apply reward and punishment in presence of certain stimuli - fly can make associations and learn to seek/avoid previous stimuli


  • Chassis engineering: make engineering of biological systems easier
    • design a standard interface between an engineered biological system and its host cell or chassis
  • Rebuilding T7 genome: modelable version
    • Produce high level population epidemic bahaviour
  • Collaborative projects on Open Wet Ware(don't know if these are their iGEM projects):
    • Standard E. Coli strains for BioBricks in which more systems can be run
    • Standardised GFP quantification
    • Barcodes
    • BioBrick parts for plasmid engineering
    • Hydrogen photobioreactor
    • Error detection and correction in replicating machines


  • Engineer a synthetic biological network and modify saccharomyces cerevisiae cells so that the colour can be detected at different oleate concentrations
    • Parallel cloning and expresssion - two reporter genes cloned in parallel into a vector containing four different promoters


  • First project is looking at fluorescence complementation.
    • This is the idea that protein protein interactions can be measured and linked to the output of fluorescence.
  • Second project is the biological repressilattor based on model proposed by Elowitz et al.


  • First project is to create a synthetic multicellular organism.
    • Idea to create artificial germ line cells that can develop into somatic cells.
      • Only the germ line cells have the ability to divide, but, germ line cells require somatic cells to produce key compound as germ line cells auxotropic.
      • This set up is hoped to provide the pressures for development and sustainment to a synthetic multi cellar organism.
  • Third project is to produce fat absorbing bacterium.
    • Idea is to cause esterification of fatty acids and glycerol to provide a way to remove these products from the gut of an organism.

Virginia Tech.:

  • Modelling dynamics of the spread of an epidemic within a population
    • Cover biology of teh phage-host interaction
    • Spread of phage within an isolated population
    • Spread of phage between artificially connected sub-populations