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We are in Week 9 of the iGEM project

Project Calendar

<calendar> name=IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Calendar date = 2007/08/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>


GFP problem

  • Experimental design team had a meeting with Kirsten and Frank regarding the problem
  • Have decided to concentrate on characterising DsRed Express
  • All constructs will be cloned with DsRed Express and tested
    • Should be able to start experimenting on DsRed Express constructs by start of week 11
  • In the mean while will carry on looking for purified form of GFP mut3B

Meeting with Paul Freemont

  • 12pm tomorrow
  • Each team to make an agenda to talk on
    • Must talk about what has been achieved in the past few weeks - no formal presentation

Problems with experments

  • 24 hour access to lab and fluorometer to get better results as staggering not giving good results
  • Freemont will arrange for a fluorometer that can be used 24 hours
    • No temperature control so can only carry out tests at room temperature and degradation experiments

Data analysis

  • Dry lab team waiting for better results/data from the excperiments
  • Current data not very useful - 24hr experiments would be very useful
  • Currently writing a program to carry out data analysis

Cell extract

  • Homemade cell extract was tested with pTet and pT7 constructs
    • Results seemed ok but fluorescence was seen in the negative controls too in a fluorescence microscope
    • Possible reasons - plates, the cell extract or the reaction mixture is contaminated
  • Will carry out more tests on homemade cell extract to figure out where the fluorescence is from


  • Characterising emulsion process - refining protocols to improve the process of vesicle formation
  • Trying to come up with techniques to quantify the process of vesicle formation

French iGEM team members visit

  • Hopefully the following people should be able to show them around and talk about the project:
    • Lucas
    • Alex
    • Anthony
    • Cheuk

Other issues

  • Dry lab team should be free from modelling and data analysis by end of this week
    • Can join the vesicles team and/or the experimental design team
  • A log book placed with the fluorometer
    • Need to write down full details on it about all the experiments being carried out - for record