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Project Calendar

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Meeting with Prof Kitney

  • Work on Sherlock Holmes 2007 theme (Silhouette with test tube?)
  • Wiki main page design to have easy navigation icons
  • Wet lab and dry lab pages to be linked back to CBD, ID and Home pages
  • The rest of the wiki to retain professional layout for the scientific community


  • Presented comparison between in-vitro and in-vivo
  • Ties in with the bottom-up approach of synthetic biology
  • So far achieved gene expression in vesicles (low yield)
  • Try to relate vesicles to the CBD and ID applications
  • Characterisation of CFS? (maybe focus on getting data for CBD and ID first)

Infector Detector

  • DsRed from GeneArt is delayed because of quality control (scheduled to arrive early next week)
  • Focus on infections caused by biofilms on urinary catheters (as opposed to other types of catheters)
  • Final product detects biofilm by shining UV light on the catheters (try to simulate this in the lab?)
  • Feedback to back up project with more experimental data in future presentations

Cell By Date

  • Timeline of project depends on when DsRed arrives
    • takes ~1 week to get DNA construct, ~1 week for experiments, 1-2 weeks for data analysis and documentation
  • Meanwhile continue experiments with GFP
  • Changed specifications - 8°C, 2h (no need for 24-h experiments)
  • Evaporation problem is minimised because of lower temperature and shorter time period

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting with Prof Kitney and Prof Freemont to be scheduled for next week
  • Aim to obtain some data for both CBD and ID by the next meeting