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We are in Week 8 of the iGEM project

Project Calendar

<calendar> name=IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Calendar date = 2007/08/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>



  • Experiments team requires more pTet-GFP and pLux-GFP DNA construct plasmids
  • Lab team to clone these two plasmids as soon as possible


  • Report on vesicles has been put up on the wiki
  • Individuals to contribute their feedback on the discussion page
  • Meanwhile vesicles team will continue working on vesicles
  • Particularly, will be good if anyone can come up with ideas on how to incorporate vesicles into the projects presentation


  • Working to design a new frontpage for better navigation
  • Look at other teams' designs to get some ideas