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We are in Week 8 of the iGEM project

Project Calendar

<calendar> name=IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Calendar date = 2007/08/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>

Debrief (Meeting with Professor Kitney)

Infector Detector


  • This application is a big leap forward for the medical field.
    • If we perfect this application, we will be able to put it on every catheter.
  • Think about the packaging of the system
  • Does the in vitro system really give us the edge over the applications in the field of synthetic biology?
  • How do we add LuxR (packaging)
  • For the Jamboree presentation, take the audience through the research and application process step by step to make it easily digstible

In the lab

  • Carry out this experiment in vivo and observe the edge it has over the in vitro application
  • Is the DNA construc complicated enough?
  • Define visible- DsRed Express and GFP; change the conditions ofobservation of the fluorescence produced
  • How sensitive is the system?
  • How long can the system bestored at e.g.4oC before usage?
  • Problem with detection of low [AHL]
  • How long can the system last? Can we optimize it?
  • How stable is the fluorescent molecules?
  • How robust is the system? e.g. temperature dependance, pressure dependant

Cell By Date


  • Clarify experimental concept, and link it to meat spoilage
  • Emphasize of DsRed Express as the reporter
  • Think about the packaging of the product e.g. sticker form? in the cling film?
  • Might have to look for another application other than meat spoilage , if construct does not fit the temperature range well

In the lab

  • Place the device in a real scenario and observe how it works
  • Find out the lag time of the system i.e. how long would DsRed Express take to reach visible threshold
  • Construct does notfit the temperature range very well
    • Look into cryophilic bacteria, which has the appropriate cellular machinery to generate proteins at the temperature range of 0oC -5oC
  • Look at improving the sensitivity (lag time) of the system
  • Look into making new construct for pT7 as a biobrick from the current version we have so that we can swap bricks around later



  • It is a new chassis
  • If the pores used are toxic, should they be placed on the catheter?
  • For the presentation, link this with the 2 applications
  • Want to see the engineering cycle implemented into our project
  • It is not essential to the main project, but serves as "icing on the cake"
  • Less manpower should be devoted to it (reduce from 3 members)

In the lab

  • It is very hard to calibrate fluoresence withinthe vesicle; if solution used is differet, vesicles would also behave differently
  • It serves to increase the lifespan of the CBD application, but a strict control must be imposed on the quality


  • How do the 2 projects (applications) link together?
  • Implement the engineerng cycle
  • Sherlock Holmes theme is a good selling idea