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We are in Week 8 of the iGEM project

Project Calendar

<calendar> name=IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Calendar date = 2007/08/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>



Phase 1

Inital testing of the biobricks

  • pTet works
    • doesn't work below 10°C or above 45°C
    • fluorescence peak at 25°C - needed a monotonic relation between temperature and GFP expression
  • pT7 - doesn't work - being re-cloned
  • pLux - works at quite a high [AHL]
    • not very good fluorescence for a realistic [AHL]
    • no GFP for 1nM of AHL
    • possible to change the threshold of the construct?

Cell extract testing

  • Home-made cell extract with home-made reaction buffer - doesn't work
    • Flooded the extract with DNA - still dosn't work
  • Need more comercial cell extract - budget limit almost reached
    • Need to plan experiments more efficiently


  • Finished models for construct 1 and 2
  • Currently documenting on the wiki
  • Preparing for presentation


  • Prepared presentation for Wednesday
  • Done calculations for changes in protocols - to make the development of vessicles better
  • Test again tomorrow
  • Might have found a non-toxic method to create pores on vessicles - need further investigation
    • Will affect stability and life-span

Cloning of biobricks

  • All working biobricks cloned
  • Making substitutes for the ones not woorking
  • New parts to be added to the registry
    • Waiting for dsRed to arrive
  • No further ligations
  • Purified LuxR - has been ordered (USA)
    • Will pursue both construct 1 and 2 for ID