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<calendar> name=IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Calendar date = 2007/08/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>



  • Testing pLux in vivo tomorrow and also doing an initial test with the home made cell extract
  • Clone tech purified sample of GFP is arriving wednesday and so calibration curves can be constructed on wed/thursday
  • New results on our experimental design page
  • Questions:Need to look for the pka of the GFP we are using as our cell extract is a pH of 8.2 and thsi could affect the system.


  • New POPC lipids arrived.
  • Continue to make and test vesicles
  • Next step is to claify that the suspected vesicles formed are vesicles not mineral oil drops. Look into buying fluorescent lipids to test this


  • Continue to make the reaction buffer for our home made cell extract tomorrow and should have it finished tomorrow.

Modeling Team

  • Normalising the equation for infecter detector
  • Next step to look at cell by date and initial data that is coming through from the lab.