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Tell us how your part is amazing.

  1. Create a new wiki page: IGEM:IMPERIAL/2006/project/parts/<name_of_your_part>
  2. Copy and document all the different sections found below


  • describe the motivations behind the creation of your part.
  • tell us which parameters or properties of the system you intend to explore.


  • insert an image of your designed part made of biobricks.
  • insert a link to its location into the iGEM registry.
  • define the inputs and outputs of the part.
  • comment on the choices made to fullfill the specifications.


  • insert an image of the model you propose for your part
  • define inputs and outputs.
  • list all the variables and parameters of the model in a table, specifying if their values are known, unknown, to be measured.
  • comment on the sensitivity of key parameters.
  • comment on the different assumptions you have made when modelling.
  • do you think Vincent will be happy with how simple and clear your model is ?


  • insert an image of the construct with all the subparts available from the registry.
  • if the part does not exist, describe the assembly process needed out of the available biobricks.
  • estimate how long it could take to build.


  • describe the motivations of the testing in relation with the specifications.
  • insert your proposed wetlab protocol and list in a table the material needed.
  • insert expected experimental results generated by your model.
  • describe how the experimental results will allow you to extract realistic values for your model.
  • how many parameters of your model do you still have to borrow from the literature ?
  • comment on potential issues