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Super Parts Prey Construct
Actual Part J37015page.JPG
Sub Parts F2620 C0261 I13401

Model assumptions and relevance

  • LuxR is at steady state
    • A good approximation if LuxR gene is left in an active state while cells are growing in medium
  • LuxR and AHL bind in a linear second order fashion
    • This is not strictly true as LuxR and AHL bind using pseudo-Michaelis-Menten kinetics
    • Gives a good approximation if LuxR is in excess of AHL (ie not saturated by AHL)
      • Unlikely to occur all the time as LuxI levels increase to very high amounts
  • LuxI can be ignored
    • LuxI levels vary throughout, and it is these levels that are directly responsible for AHL production
    • This could be a major flaw in the model

Model description

J37015 Model.JPG

J37015 SBML File

Model variables and parameters

Name Description Initial Value Confidence Reference
AHL Starting [AHL], must be >0 1 Unknown links
Name Description Value Confidence Reference
AHL Degredation Rate of AHL Degredation Half-Life = 24 Hours Known links
AHL Vmax Maximum rate of production of AHL 10 Unknown links
AHL Kd Value at which [Substrate] gives 50% Vmax 1000 Unknown links