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Biological to Electrical Interface

System level diagram of biological to electrical interface


Bio Reporter Signal Transducer
Expressed by E.coli Detect Bio reporter
Degradation in medium afterwards. Time needed for degradation should be equal to/less than that of GFP Specific response to bio reporter only
No other interaction with E.coli processes Real-time readout
Sufficient expression and secretion of bio reporter in medium for detection by signal transducer Sufficient sensitivity to detect changes in bio reporter
Commercially available

Possible Implementation

  1. Signal transduction could involve (protein) redox-reactions
  2. Antigen/Antibody sensors?
  3. Protein sensors
  4. Hormone/Neurotransmitter sensors (e.g. serotonin)

Scenario 1:
  • E.coli is in a liquid medium
  • Some bioprocess triggers production of a bio reporter (protein) in E.coli
  • The bio reporter is expelled from the cell into the medium
  • A sensor will measure the level of bio reporter (protein) in the medium

Scenario 2:
  • E.coli is in a liquid medium
  • Some bioprocess triggers productio of a bioreporter (protein) in E.coli
  • The bio reporter is expelled from the cell into the medium
  • There, the bio reporter (protein/enzyme) breaks down a certain chemical present in the medium
  • A commercially available sensor then measures the
a) increase in concentration of the breakdown products or,
b) the decrease in concentratio of the initial chemical

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