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I realised this after writing the other report. the aiiA from the sequencing has two stop codons in a line TAA TAA this is very unusual and if I remembered rightly the aiia Dr fray sent us had one stop codon TAG so i ran a clustaw alignment between them and it is the aiia from the registry.

SeqA Name         Len(nt)  SeqB Name         Len(nt)  Score
1    regisrty     753      2    Fray         753      93   
1    regisrty     753      3    Sequencing   754      100  
2    Fray         753      3    Sequencing   754      93   

The aiia from Dr Fray is closley related (0.06640) as you would expect however the aiiA in J37034 is definitly from the registry.

Unfortunatly I cannot find any details about how J37034 was made so i can't work out how the aiiA got there.

File:Clustalw-20060923-23292677.aln alignment file