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Maxiprep 1A and 1G

  • successful

Ligations for J37024

  • This time, the maxipreped DNA for 1A and 1G was used to do the ligation


  • PROBLEM: When doing the gene clean wash and removing the supernatant, the pellet did not stay in the eppendorf but happened to flow out ..... into the waste bucket...... :(
  • Ligation could not be continued.

Making competent cells

  • This was prepared but then not carried out because the ligation could not be carried out and no competent cells needed for electroporation

Clearing out the fridge in the Teaching Lab

  • Threw away the following plates:
    • (List to be uploaded)
  • Threw away all minipreps
  • Threw away all maxipreps that are not needed any more - kept those still needed for further ligations

Organizing the frozen stock of bacteria in -80[[:Category:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] freezer

  • We now have a frozen stock of DH5a containing the following parts:
    • J37016
    • J37015
    • J37015 RS
    • T9002 (c)and(d)
    • J37020
    • S01656
  • There are 2 competent cells left


  • Cultured all intermediates of any parts we created to be minipreped tomorrow
  • Make a frozen stock of the ones that worked - to be sent to the Registry later