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*Maxi & Mini of J37024 (11/9) 
*Mini T9002, (J37019)
*Biosensor Testing (Enzyme Activity) & J37016 for this
*J37015 & J37015RS Testing
*Ligation & Electroporation of J37022, J37025 & Cre/Lox into plasmid
*(Culture J37024 from 12/9 for maxi, mini & storage)

Testing of J37015 & J37015 RS

  1. Measuring OD of culture every hour in order to establish growth curve
  2. Diluting cultures every 2 hrs in order to keep LuxR levels low, so that the positive feedback loop is not kicked off yet

Miniprep of T9002 and J37024(Ligation from Dr. Mann)

  • PROBLEM: The gel did not seem to be correctly made as it did not appear to be smooth, rather, there were bits of solidified agarose visible after is was run.
  • Miniprep results do not show expected parts but this might be due to above problem.


Ligation of J37024 with new stop codon

  • J37024 = J37023 + 1A or J37024 = J37023 + 1G
  • NOTE: Maxiprep of 1A and 1G were done straight from the plasmid DNA from the Registry's plate
  • Maxiprep Gel: