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The Optical density mesuring device in the lab is broken !! Use Perkin Elmer Victor instead

Cryogenic Stocks

Grew up fresh day cultures for freezing at 9.30am

  • T9002
  • J37016
  • J37015
  • S01656
  • J37015RS
  • J37020

Using this protocol, we froze 6 different parts that we are testing

  • Made up 10 Eppendorf tubes of S01656 with 15μL
  • Made up 30 Eppendorf tubes of T9002 with 15μL
  • Made up 25 Eppendorf tubes of J37015RS with 15μL
  • Made up 20 Eppendorf tubes of J37015 with 15μL
  • Made up 16 Eppendorf tubes of J37016 with 15μL
  • Made up 20 Eppendorf tubes of J37020 with 15μL
  • Transferred them to the -80[[:Category:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] freezer (in Dr.Mann's section on 6th floor biochem.)


  • Set up fresh cultures of T9002 and J37016, we didn't make a J37020 last night

JohnChattaway 05:15, 26 August 2006 (EDT)

Overnight culturing

  • 2ml of T9002 for testing
  • 2ml of J37016 for testing
  • 2ml of J37020 for testing
  • 2ml of J37024 (1) for miniprep
  • 2ml of J37018 for miniprep
  • 100ml of J37024 for maxiprep
  • 100ml of J37018 for maxiprep
  • 100ml of 4G for maxiprep