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Testing T9002/J37016/J37020

  • OD600 of T9002 o/n culture: 2.00
  • OD600 of J37016 o/n culture: 1.830
  • OD600 of J37020 o/n culture: 1.93
  • Innoculated the above cultures into 16ml to get OD600 of 0.1
  • Put fresh cultures in shaker at 9.50am (to be taken out at 11.50am)

  • 11.50am
  • OD600 of T9002: 0.508
  • OD600 of J37016: 0.636
  • OD600 of J37020: 0.476
    • Innoculated the above cultures into 25ml to get OD600 of 0.1
  • Put 96-well plate in shaker at 12.40pm (to be taken out for reading at 4.40pm)

Testing S01656

  • Tested as per protocol

Testing J37015/J37015RS

I cultured

  • 16ml J37015
  • 16ml J31015 RS
  • 16ml J37015 Diluted
  • 16ml T9002

At 10am JohnChattaway 05:16, 24 August 2006 (EDT)

Resuspeded T9002 in supernatant at 3.30 JohnChattaway 09:53, 24 August 2006 (EDT)

Miniprep of AiiA (J37023) & J37020

  • Miniprep of all AiiA parts (J37023) seems to have worked successfully.
  • Miniprep of J37020 only shows one band around 3000 bp, which does not correspond to anything we should have. However, the other lane didn't have anything in it, when we were expecting something, so it is better that we do this miniprep again or do the miniprep after maxiprep tomorrow.

Maxiprep of AiiA (J37023) & J37020

  • Maxiprep successful for AiiA
  • J37020 maxiprep unsuccessful, try again tomorrow.



  • J37018 = J37019 + R0062 (12D)
  • J37024 = J37023 (AiiA) + B0015 (1I)
  • Gene Clean & Electroporation tomorrow.