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Control Digests for finalized prey cell J37015 & pSB1A2

  • Gel of the digests from yesterday was run and assessed: See results on the right.
  • Gel: (from left to right)
    • Lanes 1-3: Recombinant Plasmid A (Digest 1-3)
    • Lanes 4-6: Insert Plasmid 12D->24A (Digest1-3)
    • Lanes 7-9: Vector Plasmid 6B (Digest 1-3)
  • Lane 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 have bands at expected lengths
  • Other unexpected lengths might have occured due to contamination - and probably PvuII did not work correctly.
  • Overall, suggests that the sequence of the plasmid is correct.


  • J37015RS and J37016 being cultured in liquid media for miniprep this afternoon
  • 2 plates of J37015RS and 3 plates of J37016 are being analysed, each containing 6 colonies each


  • Dr. Mann's PCR was successful for the immunotag, however was unsuccessful for the LoxP sites
  • This is being redone using slightly different temperatures
  • The Cre part was successfully PCR-ed without the help of Dr.Mann
  • Four Cre parts was cut out of the gel available for ligating


  • AiiA was given to us by Dr. Mann in gel format and we isolated the Cre parts (above)
  • These were ligated into the hanging T plasmid Dr. Mann gave us
    • Ligation started at 14:30

To do tomorrow

  • Gene Clean Ligations Cre & AiiA parts
  • Maxiprep 2H again
  • Miniprep J37015RS and J37016

NO PCR on next Tuesday only one of the machines. Will be returned on wednesday. Will be used again on wednesday or thursday.