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Message from David

I'm in Oxford most of today but hopefully back later.

The transformations from yesterday seem to have worked. Someone needs to come over to collect the plates. I suggest that we set up 2x 2ml cultures from each plate today (all cultures are ampicillin resistant except one that is kanamycin - my lab will supply this if they ask) so that they can mini-prep tomorrow morning and check the minis by restriction digest (they need to work out what enzymes to cut with today). Then, assuming the constructs are what they are supposed to be, they can make more pure DNA the day after if required.

I'll leave the key to the lab here with Emma. She will be able to tell you what to do if you're stuck.

Hope that is ok, David

In the Lab:

We collected the 16 petri dishes (with numerous colonies) from the incubator and prepared them for mini prep:

  • 2ml of amp resistant LB were added to 15 of the bottles
  • 2ml of kanamycin resistant LB was added to the last bottle (for 17K)
  • we innoculated a single colony from each dish with toothpicks and dropped them into the appropriate LB media
  • bottles (with media and colony) were put in the shaker to grow overnight
  • (cuvettes from the electroporation yesterday were dropped off to be autoclaved)