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General Info

Time: 2 - 3:30 p.m. on Sep 20, Saturday

Venue: Room 5506

Host: Jean

Attendance: Qing, Winnie, Xiuye, Guangnan, Jingjing, Haoyue, Jean, Gladys, Sunny, Vivian, Carmen


  1. Report on the progress of lab work. (5min)
  2. Simulation (5min)
  3. Presentation of the background part of our final one at Jamboree and discussion on it. (20min)
  4. Presentation of the design part of our final one at Jamboree and discussion on it. (20min)


Lab Work

  • araC + T7 polymerase, RFP and GFP test ---- Winnie
    • waiting for arrival of stabs
  • total construction ---- Guangnan and Qing
    • waiting for primers
  • Promoter testing ---- Jingjing and Cotton
    • first construction
  • left/right testing ---- Xiuye and Jean
    • fusion PCR first round


Preparation for Jamboree

  • Jiahui's Intro part
    • application part need more info
    • picture
    • Macau should not be mentioned if presented at Jamboree
  • Guangnan's Design part
    • different versions for public and Jamboree
    • lab work tests should not be included
    • for Jamboree, introduction of sb and theoretical background such as central dogma should not be included

Other issues

  • Copy of visa and passport
  • release form