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General Info

Time: 2 - 3:30 p.m. on Sep 13, Saturday

Venue: Room 5506

Host: Jean

Attendance: KC, Tony, Qing, Winnie, Xiuye, Guangnan, Jingjing, Haoyue, Jean, Gladys, Sunny, Vivian


  1. Report on the progress of lab work (Jingjing) and discuss the planning of lab work in next two weeks. (20min)
  2. Finalize the ordering of T-shirt. (5min)
  3. Simulation---difficulties. (5min)
  4. Preparation of Championship Jamboree--------presentation and poster. (5min)
  5. How to help high school students understand some basic concepts and our project in detail. (5min)
  6. Release form, and visa application. (2min)
  7. Schedule of following one and a half month. (2min)


Lab Work

  • lab work can be divided into 4 parts in next 2 weeks
    • araC + T7 polymerase, RFP and GFP test ---- Winnie
    • total construction ---- Guangnan and Qing
    • Promoter testing ---- Jingjing and Cotton
    • left/right testing ---- Xiuye and Jean


  • background: light yellow (No. 4)
  • logo at front, using red and black, smaller than A4 size
  • logo at back, using black and grey, A4 size


Some helpful websites for finding parameters:

  • Biological numbers [1]
  • iGEM2008 team: KULeuven's wiki website [2]

Jean, Winnie, Xiuye and Qing need to send parameters assigned on last meeting to Jiahui before Thursday.

Preparation for Jamboree

Since we accepted the invitation from Drew Endy and need to prepare for SB4.0, we have to speed up for the preparation of the presentation. Jiahui and Guangnan will present the background part and design part to us on Sep. 20 while Winnie and Jingjing, Haoyue will present the integration system and lab work we have done on Sep. 27.

  • Attention
    • Everyone should prepare their part as complete as possible, that is, we should not expect others will cover some overlapping part. If overlapping part appears, we can decide later which part should be retained.
    • Remember to use standard BioBrick part symbol as displayed on Registry[3]!!!

Other issues

  • Visa application
    • Qing and Jiahui's application need to be processing for 5 weeks, so everyone need to apply ASAP.
  • Presentation on Oct. 9th as Drew Endy's invitation
    • Since we need to present about our project at Jamboree, so we decide to do it as a great chance for practice!!
  • SB4.0 presentation
    • KC need to present about our project at SB4.0. Thus we need to prepare ppt for it, which should be ready before Oct. 1!!!
  • Communication with HKU iGEM team
    • HKU iGEM team asked for coorperation, so we invited them to our next general meeting on Saturday because Guangnan will present the design part of our project. It is really a good chance for two groups to share ideas and difficulties met in iGEM.