IGEM:Hong Kong HKUST/June 30

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General Info

From 5p.m. to 8:20p.m.

Rm 5486

Attendance: Xiuye, Qing, Jinyu, Winnie, Guangnan, Carmen, Jiahui, Tony, Wisely, Jingjing, Penny, Sung Hoi, Gladys, Vivian and King.


After voting, we decided to use Guangnan's proposal. Probably we will focus on Part 1 (Randomizer) and Part 3 (Spatial Oscillator) first.


”Ten Commandments”

Criteria for selecting proposals: extensible, interesting, originality, innovative, involvement of every group-mate, applicable…

Guangnan's Proposal

  1. Randomizer
  2. Memorizer
  3. Spatial Oscillator
  • Good points: extensible, applicable
  • Shortcomings: too complicated

His proposal is ready in the following link: File:Guangnan's Proposal.doc

Jingjing's Proposal

  • Spots and Stripes: National Flag of America
  • Digital Display
    • Good points: simple, easy to construct circuits
    • Shortcomings: pre-defined pattern, lack of originality

Xiuye's Proposal

Taichi Pattern

  • Significance: modeling of differentiated cells
  • Good points: art
  • Shortcomings: not easy to control, difficult to understand how those cells work


Voted by ballot

Guangnan’s proposal won most of the votes.