IGEM:Hong Kong HKUST/June 18

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General Info

6-8pm, Rm5486

Xiuye, Jingjing, Cotton, Guangnan, Wisely, Jean, Qing, Jiahui, Carmen, & Winnie.

Important Annoucement

We have already divided into two projects, randomizer and pattern. By this Friday (June 20), we will present our first drafts for each project and discuss them.

  • Project 1 Randomizer
    • Guangnan, Wisely, Jean and Qing
  • Project 2 Pattern
    • Xiuye, Jingjing, Cotton, Jiahua, Carmen and Winnie

Xiuye as a mediator for two projects; Qing may involve in conjugation system if Project 2 needs



by Xiuye

(plz finish this part in detail~)

  1. Step 1: two cicle by cell swimming
  2. Step 2: stop mobility when they meet each other and conjugate, and thus form a boundary
  3. Step 3: change the remaining area's color by randomizer

Problems for Xiuye's Taichi Pattern

  • how to change color by randomizer? probably need another extracellular signal except for AHL.


bu Guangnan

Adapted from Peking U' 2007 project, we can change their circuit a little to create our desired randomizer...