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General Info

From 6p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Rm 5486

Attendance: Xiuye, Qing, Jinyu, Winnie, Carmen, Jiahui, Wisely, Jingjing, Sung Hoi, Gladys, Vivian and King.


On last meeting we divided our labor for Randomizer project:

  • strain and vector (Winnie and Jean)
  • design of OR1 and OR2 (Jingjing and Qing)
  • reporter (xiuye)
  • test of cI and cI434 (Cotton?) ~ parallel to the cloning
  • UV test (Carmen?) ~ parallel to the cloning
  • simulation (Jiahui and Wisely)
  • measurement and observation (TBD)

This meeting saw Winnie & Jean’s study of vector & strain selection and Jingjing & Qing’s study into OR2 design:

File:Strain & Vector for use.ppt by Winnie and Jean.

In this method, problem existed for cI857 is a derivative of cI and may have interference with our randomizer circuit.

OR2 designing come across with the problem that sequence of OR2 for cI and cI434 differs a lot from each other and minor changes in either these two sequences can not result in a OR2 having affinity for both cI and cI 434. King suggested a compromising model for overlapping edges of these two sequences and maintaining most of their integrities, therefore this overlapping OR2 has affinity for both cI and cI434.

Jingjing pointed out that vicinity between OR1 (for 434) and OR2 (for cI) is needed for induction of Prm (File:The OR2 problem.doc). Whether Prm needs induction or not needs further investigation.