IGEM:Hong Kong HKUST/July 4

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General Info

From 6p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Rm 5486

Attendance: Xiuye, Qing, Jinyu, Winnie, Carmen, Jiahui, Wisely, Jingjing, Sung Hoi, Gladys and King.


Next Wednesday, the meeting will be a progress report of our preparation work on Randomizer. Hopefully, we can order all what we need for Randomizer on Wednesday.



  • strain and vector (Winnie and Jean)
  • design of OR1 and OR2 (Jingjing and Qing)
  • reporter (xiuye)
  • test of cI and cI434 (Cotton?) ~ parallel to the cloning
  • UV test (Carmen?) ~ parallel to the cloning
  • simulation (Jiahui and Wisely)
  • measurement and observation (TBD)

Spatial Oscillator

  • bistable swith
  • motility test
  • chemotaxis test

Rough Schedule for Randomizer

  • July 4: Start
  • July 9: Order parts
  • July 16: First round of cloning starts
  • July 18: First round of cloning finishes, and then test randomness, trying to refine the ratio of randomness...
    • We may keep on trying our best to modify the ratio of randomness, to make it as 50:50.
    • If the first round of cloning fails, we shall start another round of cloning.

During the waiting time of cloning, we may start the construction of Spatial Oscillator.