IGEM:Harvard/2010/General Protocols/Nanodrop

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  • Open Nanodrop software and choose "nucleic acids"
  • Wipe Nanodrop pedestal with distilled water to clean it
  • Pipette 2uL of water onto the pedestal and lower the arm gently
  • Initialize the machine and wait for it to finish (you'll hear a couple of clicks)
  • Raise arm and wipe water off of pedestal with Kimwipe
  • Pipette 2uL of appropriate buffer (whatever you eluted you DNA into at the end of the DNA miniprep - typically EB Buffer) onto pedestal and lower arm
  • Click "Blank" and wait for machine to finish measuring
  • Repeat last 3 steps using your DNA samples and clicking "Measure" instead of "Blank." Record the absorbance (A260), purity (A260/A280), and concentration (ng/uL) for each sample