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Team Allergy

Yesterday, we plated transformants for the allergen panel and introns. Today, we will purify the plasmids from the transformants and send any successes in to Genewiz for sequencing.


  1. Culture Colonies
  2. Miniprep of colonies
  3. Diagnostic Digest to check for inserts
  4. Send working colonies for sequencing


Concentrations of Allergen Parts and Introns:

  • Allergen Parts:
    • Sense:
    • Antisense:
  • Intron (Pal):

Diagnostic Digest

lader; ladder; GerS (1-3); Ger A (1-3); Bet2S (1-3); Bet2A (1-3); BetA (!-3); LTPS (1-3); LTPA (1-3); Pal (1-3); ladder; ladder


(More contrasted image below):


Team Fence

Nanodroping 5xGal promoter

Nanodrop of ligated annealed oligos: 5200.8 ng/μL, 1.32 260/280

E-gel of 5xGal promoter

Ran 2% E-gel of .5μL of the ligation reaction (2.6μg) in 15μL water, with 10μL of KB plus ladder on either side.

2010-07-21 13hr 45min.jpg

Ladder ran screwy, so new ladder used,and a 2% agarose Gel was poured for gel extraction

Gel Extraction of 5xGal promoter

poured 2% agarose Gel for gel extraction, ran 2μL of the ligated annealing reaction in 13μL EB buffer, with two KB plus 1 ladders, one on each side.

Gel extraction performed, into an eppendorf weighing .9563g

5xGalprmt gel extract 07-21.jpg

Nanodrop for cleaned-up gel purified 5xGalpt negative - ran a 2% E-gel to check. There appears to be something at the .16kb size.


Team Flavor

Miraculin N/Brazzein C StrepII & Stop

  • We ran a confirmation digest on the miniprepped Miraculin N StrepII & Stop and the Brazzein C StrepII & Stop. We digested the samples with XbaI/PstI. We should have used NotI/SpeI in this digest if we planned on inserting into V24 pETDUET vector.
    • We digested 558 ng of Mira N1, 516 ng Mira N2, 540 ng Brazz C1, and 551 ng Brazz C2 in 20 μL digestion reactions.
  • We also ran undigested samples of all four to help determine why the other ligations (Brazz N and Mira C) did not work.
    • We ran 279 ng of Mira N1, 258 ng Mira N2, 270 ng of Brazz C1, and 275.5 ng Brazz C2.


Mira brazz strep stop confirm.jpg

   Gel Lanes:
    1. 1kb plus ladder
    2. Mira N1 XbaI/PstI
    3. Mira N2 XbaI/PstI
    4. Brazz C1 XbaI/PstI
    5. Brazz C2 XbaI/PstI
    6. 1kb plus ladder
    7. Mira N1 undigested
    8. Mira N2 undigested
    9. Brazz C1 undigested
   10. Brazz C2 undigested
  • Gel shows bands consistent with successful ligation!
  • Gel extraction and purification of Miraculin, StrepII & Stop insert and Brazzein, StrepII & Stop insert.
    Mira N1: 5.4 ng/μL
    Mira N2: 3.1 ng/μL
    Brazz C1: 6.1 ng/μL
    Brazz C2: 10.1 ng/μL

Ligation/Transformation of Mira/Brazz+StrepII

  • Our Miraculin and Brazzein constructs with StrepII tags (pre-cut with EcoR1/Spe1) were re-ligated to STOP+V0120 backbone
Ligation Reactions
Insert DNA BackBone DNA
Mira N 9 ng 49.5 ng
Mira C 22.4 ng 49.5 ng
Brazz N 37.4 ng 49.5 ng
Brazz C 14.3 ng 53.4 ng
Control 0 ng 53.4 ng

NEB T4 Ligase was used for all reactions

Digestion & Gel Purification of V24

  • The pETDUET Expression Vector, V24, was digested with Not1/Spe1 for later use.

1039.9 ng of DNA was digested in both reactions

Digestion reactions were run on a 1% Agarose gel at 125V for 30 min


    V24-1 N/S: 13.5 ng/μL
    V24-2 N/S: 17.9 ng/μL