IGEM:Harvard/2008/Questions for Orianna Bretschger

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  • Transformation protocol (not via conjugation)
  • Plasmids that can be replicated (origins)
  • Promoters that work (inducible, etc)
  • Request for gifts
  • Can mtr genes be regulated (eg lacZ)?

Knocking out EnvZ and/or OmpR (together a bit over 2kbp)

  • Homologous recombination- time frame, ease
  • Cre-lox- which one is easier?
  • effects of removing endogenous envR and ompR


  • suggestions on how to grow Shewie anaerobically
  • ask about colorimetric assay used to detect electrical output; differences between different electron acceptors that we could use and what would be an optimal system for us to use (ie. manganese vs iron vs some other detection system, like fumarate?)
  • minimum surface area required to detect current over noise
  • time to produce current after anaerobic
  • suggestions for shewanella sensing electric current(light, heat, magnetism)