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Name Registry Name Description Origin Size Marker Transformed? Miniprepped? Culture in Glycerol Stock? Sequenced?
P1 J23113/I20259 Low promoter GFP tester p15A pMR101-derived 919 Kan in S1 and TOP10 Yes for both strains Yes for both strains.
P2 J23150/I20269 Medium promoter GFP tester p15A pMR101-derived 919 Kan in TOP10, not S1
P3 J23151/I20270 High promoter GFP tester p15A pMR101-derived 919 Kan in TOP10 and S1 Yes for both strains. Yes for both strains.
P4 pACYC duet Low-Medium copy vector p15a 4008 Cm Yes in S1 and TOP10
P5 pSB3K3 Low-Medium copy vector (w/ death gene) p15a 2750 Kan
P6 BBa-E1010 RFP only (w/ death gene) pMB1 681 Kan
P7 pSB1A2 GFP only pMB1 2079 Amp
P8 BBa_J04450 RFP with LacI promoter pMB1 1069 Amp
P9 BBa_J04430 GFP with LacI promoter pMB1 1083 Amp
P10 BBa_I715038 T7 Polymerase with LacI promoter pMB1 2878 Amp
P11 BBa_M30109 Light responsive system, dual regulation pUC19-derived pMB1 4333 Amp/Cm
P12 pETDuet-1 Low copy plasmid pBR322-derived ColE1 5420 Amp
P13 pCDFDuet-1 Low copy plasmid CloDF13 3781 Sm Yes in S1
P14 pCOLADuet-1 Low copy plasmid ColA 3719 Kan
P15 BBa_I13522 GFP with Tet promoter ColE1 937 Amp
P16 BBa_R0040 Tet repressible promoter pMB1 54 Amp
P17 BBa_Q04400 Inverter (TetR w/o promoter and Tet promoter) OriS, P1 lytic, F1 902 Kan
P18 BBa_R0051 lambda promoter (cI regulated) pMB1 49 Amp
P19 BBa_I763007 RFP with lambda promoter pMB1 918 Amp
P20 BBa_J04431 GFP (LVA tagged) with Lac promoter pMB1 1122 Amp, Kan
P21 A1 (pACYC) pACYC (P4) w/ biobricks ??? ??? ??? Yes in S1 and TOP10
P22 BBa_R0082 ompR controlled promoter for ompC (long) pMB1 108 Amp
P23 BBa_R0083 ompR controlled promoter for ompC (short) pMB1 78 Amp
P24 BBa_R0084 ompR controlled promoter for ompF pMB1 108 Amp
P25 BBa_J58102 Promoter activated by OmpR-P with the reporter GFP pUC19-derived pMB1 991 Amp
P26 BBa_J58103 Mutated promoter activated by OmpR-P with the reporter GFP pUC19-derived pMB1 961 Amp
P27 pZS4int2 repressor plasmid pSC101 Sm Yes
P28 pZE21 GFP ColE1 Kan Yes
P29 pZS*2R Venus (mutant YFP) pSC101* Kan Yes
P30 pZA32 YFP p15A Cm Yes
P31 pZS*1R Venus pSC101* Amp Yes
P32 pZA32 Venus p15A Cm Yes
P33 pZA31 Venus p15A Cm Yes
P34 pZE12 GFP ColE1 Amp Yes
P35 pLDR8 Yes
P36 BBa_I763004 GFP + IPTG + LVA Kan/Amp
P37 BBa_I722007 Constructive expression LacI w/ pTetR promoter Amp
P38 BBa_J23114 High constitutive promoter Amp
P39 BBa_J23113 Low constitutive promoter Amp
P40 BBa_B0032 Ribosome Binding Site Amp
P41 BBa_B0010 Transcriptional Terminator Amp
P42 BBa_C0012 LacI coding region Amp
P43 [1] TetR coding region Amp
P44 BBa_C0051 cI lambda Amp
P45 BBa_E0240 GFP only w/ RBS & terminator Amp
P46 BBa_I51020 Base Vector Amp
P47 BBa_P1003 Kan Resistance Cassette Kan
P48 BBa_P1004 Cm Resistance Cassette Cm
P49 BBa_P1002 Amp Resistance Cassette Amp
P50 BBa_P1005 Tet Resistance Cassette Tet
P51 BBa_Q04121 LacI QPI w/ RBS & promoter Kan
P52 BBa_Q04510 cI Lambda QPI Kan
P53 BBa_P0440 PoPS -> TetR Amp
P54 BBa_P0412 PoPS -> LacI Amp
P55 BBa_P0455 RBS.cI.LVA.Term Amp/Cm