IGEM:Harvard/2007/Laboratory Notebooks/Quorum Sensing/Week 6

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Colony PCR of RP-JT and Switched Fluorophores Parts

George and Perry colony PCR'ed several parts.


Mike's Plating Experiment

Basically George and Perry plated a lawn of receivers and put concentrated spots of sender/OHHL to see if a pattern would develop.

George's notebook entry

Sequencing F2620 and E0240

Exactly what the title says.

George's notebook entry

Building the RP-JT and switched Fluorophores parts

George and Perry miniprepped, digested, dephosphorylated, clonewelled, ligated, and transformed in order to build the RP-JT and switched fluorophores parts.

George's notebook entry


Colony PCR of RP's

George colony PCR'ed the RP's.

George's notebook entry