IGEM:Harvard/2007/Laboratory Notebooks/Bacterial Targeting Protocol/Week 3

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MACS with strep and his plus cherry/red bacteria (07/02/07)

Run the MACS with the cherry/red bacteria incorporated to see if separation occurs (07/03/07)

  1. Followed Indirect Magnetic Labeling Protocol
    1. Used 300 ul of Strep/His and 300 ul of RFP Bacteria
    2. Note: OMPA1+Strep and OMPA1+His had low cell count
  2. Then follow Magnetic Separation

Results from MACS plate

Observation: Still have some background in the elution fraction, instead of the plain white strep and his colonies that we expected.

Conclusion: We may need to further optimize the wash steps, because some of the extraneous bacteria expected to be gone appear in the elution fraction.

Transformation of BL21DE3 RFP cells (07/05/07)

  • For use in MACS assay.