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Poster (PDF)

Final Presentation Slides

Final presentation, draft 25 for Powerpoint 2007

Final presentation, draft 25 for Powerpoint 97-2003

Final presentation PDF

Draft 24 comments from 10/30/07

Draft 23 KS - Slides and notes edit.

Draft 22 SL - Super frustrated so I decided to scrap the zoom-in altogether.

Draft 21 SL- edited quorum ... Perry, I might need some help w/ the zoom-in on the "luxI/luxR" slide; I can try to do the biobricking/slot machine slide if I've asked you for too much

Draft 20 Comments from 10/23/07

Draft 19 Minor edits to "luxI/luxR Quorum Sensing" slide

Draft 18 SL - a bit more quorum cleaning

Draft 17 SL - changed animation, as per suggestion

Draft 16 Comments from meeting 10/18/07

Draft 15 Added Stephanie's (rough? to be edited, potentially) script to "notes" under her slides

Draft 14 Minor changes, added George's scipt to "Notes" under the slides

Draft 13 Added AIDA picture with Nterminal insertion, Sambu

Draft 12 Cosmetic changes, SL

Draft 11 Merged Ellenor's and Draft 10 (SL)

Draft 10 Stephanie's update from Version 9: cleaned quorum plate-drop animation, cleaned couple quorum slides.

Draft 9 !!!IMPORTANT!!! Tamara, Mike, and Harris made changes and put little notes for people after the meeting. MAKE CHANGES TO THIS PPT!!!

Draft 8 Added Kevin and Sammy's slides

Draft 7 George updated his slides

Draft 6 Perry added a potential targets/applications slide, and got rid of that cheesy cannon graphic from the title slide.

Draft 5 (SL) 10/06/07 - clean-up of Stephanie's slides, addition of direct magnetic/quorum selection animation

Draft 4 with comments 10/4/07

Draft 4- intro slides condensed, transition slides added (PT)

Draft 3; minor alterations (SL)

Draft 2, edited by Stephanie

Final presentation, first draft

Part 1. Introduction (Perry) (2 - 3 slides)


Part 2. Targeting (Kevin, Sammy) (4 - 5 slides)

Slide Collection

Part 3. Cell Cell Signaling and Communication (Lux system) (Stephanie, George, Perry (PDZ)) (4 - 5 slides)

Quorum Intro

Quorum Intro v.2

Stephanie's portion (v1)

Part 4. Direct Signaling (Fec system) (Shaunak, Ellenor, Alex) (4 - 5 slides)

Alex's slides

Part 5. Conclusion (1 - 2 slides)