IGEM:Harvard/2006/Why Apples make me cry

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  • print preview opens in the "Preview" program, not in the application itself, so after closing the preview window and switching back to your original appliciation, you have to click File/Print... again
    • At the bottom of the "Print Preview" window, there is a "Print" button. If you like what you see, you click there to print. If you don't like what you see, presumably it will be necessary to go back to your application and make some changes anyway. --smd
  • inability to print a text selection
    • Are you able to simply select text and send it straight to the printer in Windows? It's not too hard to send something to the clipboard and then paste it elsewhere. There are also many ways to quickly take a screenshot, which you can then print. --smd


  • is translucent. why can't my email window have just my email in it?
    • Terminal → Window Settings → Color. Drag the "Transparency" slider all the way to the left. --smd

  • actually this has nothing to do with macs, but is there any way to fix the calendar we have up so we have all the dates...