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PEG precipitation

  • Make a stock solution of 20% PEG (w/v), 2.5 M NaCl.
    • It may take a while to dissolve, but you can use a stir bar and low heat.
    • For 10 mL solution: 2.0 g PEG, 1.46 g NaCl
  • Add 0.25 volume of the PEG/NaCl solution to your folded nanostructure mix.
  • Incubate on ice for 15 minutes
  • Spin 16k rcf for 10 minutes
  • Pipette out supernatant into separate tube
  • Resuspend pellet in 1x folding buffer volume equal to the supernatant
  • Run equivalent volumes of pellet and sup on 2% agarose gel (+ 11 mM MgCl2)