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Midiprep of KaiA, B, C, (with Lac + RBS), B0034. (Bundles of Joy)

Note: renamed the following:

  • Lac+RBS+KaiA = J36012
  • Lac+RBS+KaiB = J36011
  • Lac+RBS+KaiC = J36010

The tubes are sitting in the "Pre-digest plasmid" box...

Peng - ng/ml values on top or side of eppys seem low. The miditubes are left on Perry's bench - if you have time, elute DNA with water (use the vortex) & see if we can't get more DNA.

Frozen stock

Made (2) frozen stocks ea. of J36012, J36011, J36010.


Sent off J36011, J36012 for sequencing; specifically, A-9 from Nick and B-11 from Nick.