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To do

  • 50mL cultures of:
    • Lac+RBS+KaiA (Nick's A09): AMP Resistance
    • Lac+RBS+KaiB (Nick's B11): KAN Resistance
    • Lac+RBS+KaiC (Peng's M2-7): KAN Resistance
    • B0034 (from frozen): AMP Resistance
  • Send B11 and A09 for sequencing
  • Glycerol stock B11 and A09
  • Save some of M2-7 for growth testing
  • Midiprep the above

Determination of what needs yet to be created

  • We need to make to complete stage 1:
    • RBS + KaiB
    • RBS + KaiC
    • KaiA (biobricks registry)
    • KaiB (biobricks registry)
    • KaiC (biobricks registry)
  • We need [semilarge] concentrated amounts of:
    • Lac+RBS+KaiA (created by Nick)
    • Lac+RBS+KaiB (created by Nick)
    • Lac+RBS+KaiC (created by Peng, verified)
    • B0034 (which contains just RBS)
    • KaiA
      • Have a lot of
    • KaiB
      • Have a lot of
    • KaiC
      • Have a lot of
    • J04500 (for the biobricks registry pieces)
      • Have a lot of


  • Box labeled with red type, "Nick's Miniprepped Lac+RBS+Kai from 9/4"
    • Nick, are there frozen stocks?
  • Box labeled with pink tape, "Post-Digested Midi/mini plasmid insert or backbone"
    • J04500 /SP from 8.29.06 (w/o EtBr)
    • KaiC /XP from 8.29.06 (w/0 EtBr)
  • Box with white tape, "Nick's KaiA/B/C+J04500 cell pellets from 9/1"
  • Box with orange tape, "Predigested mini/midi plasmid"
    • B0034 in limited amount, low concentration
    • J04500, a lot of midiprep. USE YELLOW TUBE FROM 8.22.06
    • KaiA, B, C: A lot from midiprep, labeled "Geneart KaiX"
  • Plates labeleed "very important"