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Morning reseeds

I reseeded 6 cultures from the 6 cultures which were put in the incubator last night. All reseeds were 1:10 dilutions of the original culture, 5 mL total volume. The reseeds were finished around 9:15 AM.

I used green labels for all the reseeds and placed the reseeds opposite their parent cultures in the incubator.

Note that there are two GFP dev reseeds. They come from two parents: one which was inoculated two days ago, and one which was inoculated last night from that one. The latter didn't grow very well (barely looked any different from sterile LB), while the former grew well, so I made reseeds of both. It seems that GFP dev grows slowly.


GFP dev (old) -> GFP dev (young, reseeded last night) -> GFP dev reseed (young)
         ----------------------------------------------> GFP dev reseed (old)