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Results of Transformation

Literally more colonies than one can count. Prehaps 2uL is the best to use in the future? There are 11 plates, 5 for 36010+36012 and 5 for 4500+36001, and 1 for b0015 in the fridge.

Restreaked 3 colonies from each of 36010+012 and 4500+36001 plates. The 4500+36001 series was called by letters, the 36010+012 plates by numbers, and roman numerals for the b0015.

PCR protocol:

  • 94 - 5min
  • 94 - 30s
  • 55 - 30s
  • 72 - either 1min for 4500+36001 or 4min for 36010+012
  • Cycle to 2, 30x
  • 72 - 10min
  • Terminate

Each rxn: 8uL supermix, 1uL VF2 @2nm 1uL VR @2nm

Meeting Notes

  • Remove 'a' and 'c' in corner of images
  • Remove KaiABC extraction slide
  • Simplify synthesis slide (remove advantages, disadvantages)
  • Hunt rhino to extinction on slides after first (awesomeness <-> time)
  • Simplify Ellowitz plasmid
  • Recreate KaiABC diagram w/o extraneous details

Hi Jeff

Slide 2:

Content does not match title – explain; split into two possibly; (“previous work”) - switch order of two? Delete flexible period / cite source – or say possible to mutate kaia – (though push back to later); examples of engineering systems? Fit it to endy’s goal; prehaps how a clock would be usefl to frame it in (prehaps if we had a bioclock…) Erase everytrhing but center traignle

Slide 3:

Simplified View – Reduce text; delete last point?

Slide 4:

Don’t make it orange

Slide 5:

delete this slide but don’t use extraction anyways; use “clone out of organism”

Slide 6:

no need for advantages/disadvantages; prehaps we don’t need a full slide

Slide 7:

Reconstitution of KaiABC instead of “interaction?”; take out the (ip phosphorylated KaiC); cartoon diagrams of kaiABC, same type as intro; prehaps 3 columns?; “KaiC never phosphorylates”

Remove or do something with implication arrows

Number experiments

Slide 8-10: none

Overview of experiment slide: functionalize, emphasize measured quantity

Foreshadow results

Results: construct diagrams, magic


Looks like we got all of what we want :d

grew 30mL of "I" , "1", and "E" in Amp + Kan resistance.

expected size: 857bp
expected size: 857bp, for labeled II different as it is B0015 - that lane expected is 445bp
expected size: 3204bp
expected size:3204bp, I might have loaded the last lane wrong but still weird band