IGEM:Harvard/2006/Cyanobacteria/Building cyanobacteria incub

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The below directions were assembled by the Harvard iGEM team; questions can be sent to contacts here.

Materials and Methods

  1. Cool Fluorescent Lights, 40W or higher
    • Used Philips Circline Cool White 30cm 32W + 20cm 22W
    • To mount, Lithonia Lighting #FM BLWH
  2. Digital Timer with ground
    • Intermatic Timer DT27C
  3. Control of light intensity
    • Window screen
    • Flourescent light cover - also distributes light
  4. Light meter which can read from 0-10000 lux
    • VWR 62344-944
  5. Incubator with temperature control
    • Innova 4230

Note: All of the above materials, except for the light meter and incubator, can be found at Home Depot.


  1. Clean materials using EtOH
  2. Set up light fixture
  3. Wire end to the outlet jack
  4. Program timer to 14h light / 10h dark
  5. Ensure light intensity of around 4200lux, ranged up to 8000lux.