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NOTE: This is all research into what researchers have used for growing the strains. It literally varies from paper to paper.


Note: We cannot refrigerate the plates! Below 15C there is no nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis ends there too... see here


NOTE: Light is a bit confusing... there are three basic units:

  • footcandles
  • lux
  • microeinsteins (µmol photons m^-2 s^-1)

We have something that measures in lux, but lux is intensity, whereas we want the actual useful "mol photons" that the cyanobacteria can use, which is in microeinsteins. The conversion factor for cool white fluorescent lighting is available at here. Note that the conversion from that, then, is the lux factor times 0.013.

As for our lights, we use Philips Cool White Fluorescent lighting. Most other people use sylvania cool white fluorescent lighting, but there are some groups using our lighting. It shouldn't be a problem then.

Note that the absorption spectrum for chlorophyll can be found here