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June 12, 2006

DNA nanostructures

  • opening/closing dynamically using DNA sticky ends or DNA binding protein, investigating protein design
  • make a tight box
  • making a latch to be opened by a certain receptor

Global warming

  • cyanobacteria - circadian oscillator -> synthetic oscillator
  • neurospora - light sensitive repressor

Computer Analogies

  • Memory
    • plasmid memory, memory management, garbage collection/mark and sweep
    • addressable
  • Counter
    • telomeres, buffer with red flourescent protein or a self-destruction sequence
  • Cryptography
    • fold DNA nanostructure - key is native strand of DNA in one cell, message of oligomers sent to that cell
  • Debugger
    • something before the reporter
    • making a bunch of parameters and seeing what we can get
    • perhaps working a debugger into our specific system

Alternative splicing

  • Hijacking commensal bacteria
  • Yogurt - lactobacillusacidophillus

Ftsk translocase

  • simple manipulations of DNA, spitting DNA into media

Fuel production

  • Ethanol in yeast or E.coli

Biobricks in eukaryotes

  • protein domain system (MCB 100 work)

Message Relay System

  • Passing molecules
  • Assembling messages

Notes from first meeting (pdf)