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Repeated bead assay with A20, A35, A50, S20 in order to verify Western blot results for A20, A35:

General setup = 40 pmol adaptamer + 200 uL streptavidin beads + 160 pmol thrombin + usual antibodies


A3: Adaptamer = A20. Intensity = 3789.42

A5: Adaptamer = A35 Intensity = 3030.94

A7: Adaptamer = A50 Intensity = 1794.28

A9: Negative control: adaptamer replaced with S20. Intensity = 1810.97


A20 and A35 were confirmed to exhibit thrombin-targeting function. Adaptamer A50 performed no better than control setup including S20. S20 appeared to have nonspecific thrombin-binding ability.