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Meeting 21/07/2008

How to carry out our project?

There were three different options concerning the organisation of our team :

  • Conduct three equal projects (not directly linked) and try to present each of them at the end
  • Choose only two projects which could be linked
  • Choose a main project and continue investigating on the two others (to check which projects are really doable in 10 weeks)

We prefer having one global idea. However, at this stage, all different ideas are potentially good. We chose to continue to investigate on these three projects for a few weeks to see which (or which of them) would be the best. There will be more people investigating on Turing patterns which should be our main project, and two smaller teams investigating on the two other projects.

Project Biologists Non biologists
Turing Patterns Kevin, Daniel, Linda, James Xiao-Hu, Ian, Marie
Voltage Output Ellis, Chris Rebecca
Magnetic Kathryn, Dmitriy Arjun

How to link our different subject?

  • Bactobrain : Modelling neural system (stimulating APs, Glutamate NT, vesicles, turing development)
  • Waste detection, vesicular packaging and disposal, turng differentiation (or anything)
  • Modelling eukaryotic systems (ions signalling, differentiation, organelle biosynthesis)