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Recovery of mms6 and mamC

Recover mms6 and mamC plasmids from colonies:

  • Recover plasmids from single colonies using Zyppy kit following standard protocol
  • Restriction digest with EcoRI and PstI
  • Run on gel and recover mms6 and mamC DNA

<html> <br> Lane 2 - Hyperladder I<br> Lane 3 - 22 (Voltage)<br> Lane 4 - 26 (Voltage)<br> Lane 5 - mamC<br> Lane 6 - mms6<br> <br></br> </html> Result:

  • Two clear bands obtained on gel at around 400-500 bp
  • Gel cut out and put in eppendorf tubes for gel recovery tomorrow

Gel showing mamC and mms6 as 2 bright bands on lanes 5 and 6