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Results from Yesterday

  • Antibiotic test

Results for Amp

Even with a concentration of 10μg/mL, Amp kills Bacillus. Since we want to know which is the lowest concentration of Amp which kills B.S, we are going to test with some lower concentrations.

Results for Cm

Even with a concentration of 35μg/mL, ther is not a clear area around the antibiotic disk. So we have to test some higher concentration of Cm.

Wet Work

  • New antibiotic tests

Dilution of Amp

Concentration (μg/mL) 10 7.5 5 2.5 1
10 μg/mL Stock (from yesterday) 1:1 3:4 1:2 1:4 1:10

Dilution of Cm

Concentration (μg/mL) 35 37.5 40 42.5 45
35 μg/mL Stock (from yesterday) 1:1 5:6 (from 45μg/mL) 1:875 17:18 (from 45μg/mL) 9:7000

- Melt Soft Agar - 3mL SA + 10μL Cells 1A1 from LB prepared on 23/7/08 - Pour SA+Cells over blank hard agar plates - Put 5 blank disks on each agar plate - Add 40μL of antibiotic on each disk - Incubate at 37°C


Nothing! 1A1 cells were kept in the freedge! B.S. can not be kept in the fridge, low temperatures kill them!