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To create a system which responds to ligand binding with a detectable voltage caused by a K+ flux.



Current Progress

Progress Notebook

Next Steps

Characterise promoters

1. Simulate and design ‘reporter plasmids’ with correct biobricks restriction enzyme sites

2. For each strain: 2 plasmid backbones

  • PSC101 (A) with OsmY (promoter) + RFP + Stop
  • Another (B), not yet defined, with Bba_J23100 + YFP + Stop
Tests for each strain : plasmid A, plasmid B, plasmid A + plasmid B (so 15 tests)

3. Quantify transformation efficiency (colony counter)

4. Quantify promoter strength (light intensity, expression levels)

Useful Links

Protein prediction tools

Uniprot database


Kdp operon diagram

Kdp plasmid

The Kdp-ATPase system and its regulation

Potential Chassis: Strain JW1242-1 Strain JW0710-1

Kdp mutant - paper from 1971

Worldwide E.coli Databases

Characterisation of kdpD - 2005