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Hi everyone, Here is the final information and schedule for the iGEM Meetup.

Phone numbers

iGEM Lab Phone Number: 401 626 4600

Brown iGEM Members in charge of pickups:
Jeff Hofmann: 401 864 8835
Adam Emrich: 914 960 1509

By Commuter Rail from South Station, Boston:

We'll pick you up at the Providence Train Station and take you to Brown. This is the train to be on:

The 1:05 Train (MBTA Link)
Arrives in Providence at 2:12
Avi, Susan and Time, McGill Team (514-690-9049)
2 members of the MIT Team
Mac from iGEM HQ (231-313-9062)
Rahul Ahuja and 3 members of the BU Team (857-204-3917)

Getting on the 4:45 Train (MBTA Link)
Arrives in Providence at 5:50, in time for dinner
2 members of the MIT Team

By Car

Martin Safrin, Laura Vibert and Ahn Nguyen, Cold Spring Harbor

Park and meet us outside the new Life Sciences Building, 185 Meeting Street
Google Maps Link

Alex and the MIT Team - Meeting us at Paragon at 6:00.


3:00-4:00 = Ice Breakers at the Life Sciences Building

4:00-5:00 = Team presentations in LiSci For team presentations with Powerpoint, email your slides to titok16@gmail.com

5:00-6:00 = Discussing the future of Synthetic Biology and iGEM

6:00-8:00 = Dinner on Thayer Street

8:00-9:00 Waterfire in Downtown Providence

Getting back home

The last commuter rail is at 10:00 pm, arrives in Boston at 11:08. The iGEM Team will be driving you to the train station.

There is also going to be Waterfire on August 18th. For those of you who haven't heard of this, Waterfire is a great attraction where huge bonfires are lit all along the three rivers of downtown Providence. At nighttime it's quite the sight to see. Starts at around 8 pm. The last train out is at 10 PM.