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GFP GFPmut3 (Part No: BBa_E0040): Half-life > 1 day (the length of the experiment). It was still expressed after 192 hours. Time to expression = 8 min (this may or may not be the same for other variants of GFP).

This is the common GFP that is in most projects.

BBa_J52028: Half-life = 2 hours. Shorter half-life because an extra piece was added to the protein called Pest that causes it to degrade faster. Others: Other types of GFP have been engineered to last between 40 minutes to many hours. Other types of GFP taken from a paper (which may or may not be on iGEM):

Taken from http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?tool=pubmed&pubmedid=9603842 Appl Environ Microbiol. 1998 June; 64(6): 2240–2246. New Unstable Variants of Green Fluorescent Protein for Studies of Transient Gene Expression in Bacteria Jens Bo Andersen,1 Claus Sternberg,1 Lars Kongsbak Poulsen,2 Sara Petersen Bjørn,3 Michael Givskov,1 and Søren Molin1*

Skim this paper to find out about a bunch of other GFP variants that have specific degradation rates.

  • Note

To find parts, the way that worked so far for me was to go here: http://parts.mit.edu/r/parts/partsdb/search.cgi and search for “gfp.” It will come up with TONS of results but you can sift through them and find what you’re looking for.