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Welcome to the Brown iGEM Team's Internal Wiki. This is our internal space where we develop our ideas and keep track of our research. For more information please visit http://www.brownigem.com, our public website.

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The Brown iGEM Team is hosting several teams for the /iGEM 2007 Meetup at Brown - August 18th

iGEM 3D animation: http://openwetware.org/wiki/Brown_biological_animated_parts_database


Here are copies of our presentations delivered to advisors, faculty, and friends of iGEM:

August Update (August 22nd, 2007) Media:BrowniGEM_8-22-07.ppt

July Update (July 18th, 2007): Media:BrowniGEM_7-18-07.ppt

June Update (June 15th, 2007): Media:Brown_iGEM_6-15-07.ppt

Health and safety rota

  • Graduate supervision: Graduates will visit the lab and be on call that day for any questions or problems. See contacts for phone numbers.
  • Mon - Roshni Patel
  • Tue - Jamie Gagnon
  • Wed - Hayato Urabe
  • Thu - Yaqi Wang
  • Fri - Josh Reineke
  • Sat - John Cumbers
  • Sun - John Cumbers

Our Calendar

<calendar> name=iGEM:Brown/2007 date=2007/07/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>

How to use the Wiki and create pages

When you make the links for the wiki pages, please follow this example:

[[/Link_to_page | Name of Page]] This appears as: Name of Page

An actual link would look like this in wiki code: [[/Fluorescence_Complementation | Team 1: Fluorescence Complementation]] Here's what this turns into: Team 1: Fluorescence Complementation

How to add Links:

[[Media:BrowniGEM_7-18-07.ppt]] This appears as


Quick help with the Wiki

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